How do I create a text wrap in Adobe® PageMaker®?

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Text can wrap around  imported graphics, boxes and rule lines in PageMaker. To wrap text around a graphic, move the graphic on top of the copy, and make sure the graphic is highlighted by clicking on it with the Pointer tool.

text wrap dialog boxText wrap
Select Text wrap... from the Element menu. In the dialog box:

  • Wrap option: click on the middle icon to get text wrap.
  • Text flow: click on the last icon to have the copy flow completely around the graphic.
  • Standoff in picas: The distance the copy is from the graphic can be designated here.
  • Click OK, and the copy will automatically wrap around the graphic. The dotted line around the object is called a bounding box, which dictates where the copy flows.


text wrap on graphic

Odd shapes
Copy can also flow around the graphic in an odd shape.

  • Select the Pointer tool (arrow).
  • Click on the bounding box (dotted line) to add a new handle.
  • Move the handle in toward the graphic to create a custom text wrap.
  • Keep adding handles and moving the bounding box in toward the graphic until the text wraps tightly around the graphic.

text wrap outline on graphoc

TIP — Custom Text Wrap
When using the mouse to create a custom text wrap, keep the spacebar depressed. This will keep PageMaker from changing the text wrap until you are finished. Lift up on the spacebar when you are finished editing the bounding box, and the copy will reflow.