Hyde Middle School, 2012

All the Nothing

2012 Lion's Den

Melanie Davenport, Adviser

Tam Tran, Editor

19325 Bollinger Road
Cupertino, CA 95124

2013 CSPA Crown Finalist
Two-color silkscreen on Matte Black

It all began with a conversation about conversations. You know, the everyday response to questions about what happened at school that day. Once they decided to cover “All the nothing,” the language of the year made sense for dividers. The cover’s black-on-black bars were filled with familiar quote snippets and pops of color on the endsheet, where the book’s four sections became clear. In the opening and closing, all four bright colors appeared together, but each was also used as a sectional identifier, creating unity within the division. The colors combined with lots of tilts, heavy drop shadows and text in bars to create a look that translated easily from the theme package where a single sizable dominant and one main block of copy advanced the idea and introduced new content to the coverage spreads where masterfully packaged photo clusters were flanked by complete captions, a block of traditional copy and several layers of supporting coverage.