James C. Enochs High School, 2012

As We Know It

2012 WIngspan

Tamra McCarthy, Adviser

Aleck Tan, Editor

3201 Sylvan Avenue
Modesto, CA 95355

2013 CSPA Crown Finalist
2013 Spring NSPA Best of Show Winner

Two-color litho on Pearl Linen with multi-level embossing and varnish

From the school-colored cover on in, familiarity is obvious in this volume filled with images, personal reactions and even an accent font that’s casual and comfortable. A complete — as in, every single spread topic is listed — contents listing makes the book easy to use, though it’s not arranged in traditional sections. Chronological order made sense, the staff contends, because that’s the way the students think of the year. An extended opening featuring a series of powerful environmental portraits mostly flooded with gloss UV coating hooked readers into the concept with brief and breezy, but obviously carefully crafted copy including lots of year- and school-specific details. Beginning on page 2, the all-coverage device added another 13 quotes to each spread, including more than 85% of the students in the yearbook another time and way. While the content pages are completely different visually, there’s no mistaking that the staff set out to record the year as they knew it.