James Enochs High School, 2013


2013 Wingspan

Tamra McCarthy, Adviser

Aleck Tan, Editor

3201 Sylvan Avenue
Modesto, CA 95355

Embossed full-color litho with soft lamination, gloss UV coating

While their choice of colors, the use of shapes/quotes and bold typography all reinforced the concept visually, it’s the verbal development that sets this book apart. The fast-reading copy, filled with attitude and school-specific interjections reads right into the expanded theme statements “Now Has Never Happened Before... And It Only Lasts For Now.” A chronological flow with monthly interrupters delivers full spreads of coverage in a logical order. The palette of brights from the concept pages gives way to varying shades of pick-up colors on content pages where the gridded design creates a new twist on the photo cluster, linking the interior pages visually to the theme package. Large dominants with plenty of supporting images, more quotes, layers of coverage and a theme-related inclusionary device featuring 22 status updates per spread provide great coverage throughout. Attention to detail in the reference section -which includes a thorough color-coded index, cross-referenced group photos and a beautiful ads section carries the now factor through the volume.