Johnston High School, 2012

Hello Goodbye

2012 The Dragon

Leslie Shipp, Adviser

Faisal Alabsi, Meredith Batz, Jordin Robinson and Monika Sehic, Editors

6501 NW 62nd Avenue
Johnston, IA 50131

Full-color litho with matte lamination

While “Hello Goodbye” is a theme that could be used at many schools many years, this staff chose it in a year of major change. It was their first all-color yearbook (goodbye, black and white!) and the first book they’d done chronologically, plus their principal was retiring in June. When you add that to the continuous cycles of the seasons and in education, it made even more sense. Capitalizing on some great photography, a contemporary design and the stark change of seasons in Iowa, the staff created a stunning theme package that captured the school and community by opening strong, closing with impact and serving as a powerful transition between sections. The sans serif font was condensed and all caps in headlines and lowercase and extended in theme copy to create another contrast. And coverage spreads were set apart visibly as well; mods of personal reactions ran alongside clustered candids and traditional copy to tell the stories of the year.